"I recently had an amazing angel oracle reading with Jan. The information that came through was incredibly clear, accurate, and empowering. I highly recommend Jan's services!!" - N.C., Hawaii

​​"Jan did an angel reading for me and I found that her validation of my situation and the outcome to be 'spot on'. Her devotion to her gift is brought out by her readings, which in turn allows the client to feel confident that they came to the right person. I know I did." - Sonora, Portland, OR

"I have known and worked closely with Jan for many years.  Her capacities as a spiritual medium are not to be doubted.  Her ability to bring in profoundly healing information from the spirit world is a genuine gift for all who have the opportunty to work with her."  - P.C., Licensed Professional Counselor, Astoria, OR​​

​​"My father died 22 years ago. We were never able to express our love for each other while he was alive so after he died I had tried several times to contact him on the other side through several mediums without much success. Jan was able to bring us together in such a tangible way that I could feel his presence even before he started to speak. There is no doubt in my mind or heart that we communicated and that a strong wave of love passed between us. Thank you, Jan. That was such a gift long in coming." - KaLea, Ashland, OR

"I have known Jan Rhine for 4 years and have witnessed and benefited from her gift from the Light. In January of 2010, my friend, Jeanne M., suddenly died at age 62. She was on the third day of a snowshoeing trek in the French Alps and suffered a massive brain aneurism rupture. She had come from France for a visit the previous summer and we had had a lively conversation about death. Jeanne was the ultimate unbeliever. She had absolutely no patience with religion. Her church was Nature and the rest was bogus. To her, "Spirits" meant having a glass of wine with dinner. For some reason, it was important to me to convey to her that there might be more to death than nothing and I told her to keep an open mind and go to the light anyway. When Jeanne's brother told me she had passed, I started praying for her and asking her to go to the light and to call on the angels to help her on her way. Because I was curious, I asked Jan for a session to try to communicate with Jeanne. Jeanne started speaking through Jan. First, she thanked me for my help, then she talked about the Other Side and the learning that had come to her. Mostly, she talked about her experience of the tunnel of light. Her description of the tunnel, with the different colors and textures and how she felt going through it, was most moving and beautiful. Jeanne's personality, with her humor and intellect, left no doubt that the conversation we were having was as real as any I had ever had with her. At first, it felt strange to be speaking to a dead person through someone else. I had never done anything like this. It soon became easy and playful and I found myself having an interesting conversation with my friend. I am glad to say that she has changed her mind about the whole death thing and about God. It makes me happy to see that we can help our fellow human beings to transition with our prayers and our thoughts. I am very thankful to Jan for sharing her gift with me. There is a lot of peace in knowing." - D.C, Rogue River, OR

"I did an angelic healing session with Jan and it was an awesome and rewarding experience. She has a powerful spiritual gift and coupled with her love and humor, I felt a "Presence". When I left, it seemed that the plants and trees and I were one. It was peaceful and joyful and I look forward to the next session."- J. Maxon, West Linn, OR

"Receiving Jan's healing touch has helped melt away deep stresses, emotional fears and turmoil – helping me access deep peace, relaxation and embodied trust." - E. Sky, Portland, OR

Sent: Sat, Jul 17, 2010
Subject: [SacredCircleDance] "Help, I have a ghost in my house"

We have lived together fairly peacefully for years, but now it appears that he is upset that I am selling my house. Does anyone have experience helping lost souls move on?

Jane D.

(I, Jan Rhine, responded to this appeal in our Sacred Circle Dance enewsletter. I arranged to come to Jane's house the following Tuesday, July 27, 2010. Below is Jane's email back to our dance community after our work with the lost soul…)

Sent: Sat, Jul 28, 2010
Subject: [SacredCircleDance] "Ghost in my house is gone, and love is all there is"

Thanks to everyone for volunteering your wisdom and giving suggestions of whom to contact. The lovely medium, Jan Rhine, came over last night and helped to release the lost soul.

What follows is an account of what happened, and a love letter to my beloved dance community...

I have lived in my house for ten years. It's brand new, so when I started seeing someone moving up and down the stairs (a black shadow), I discounted it as my imagination. That is, until my mom started seeing it. Then other people started seeing it. For a few years, it became more quiet. But then, I began to prepare my home for sale. Suddenly, the black shadow returned and started appearing in other areas of the house. At night, my guests and I begin to be awakened by loud crashing noises downstairs. Then, I am aware that someone is following me everywhere I go in my house. This person is insistent that he be seen, and is energetically putting his face up close against mine. I try to tell him that he has to leave, but he is too upset and I don't feel prepared to handle this on my own. I am aware that I can't sell this house and leave the situation as is. So, I appeal to my dance community for help. After an outpouring of suggestions and referrals, Jan Rhine, (who hasn't been to dance in awhile) offers to come over right away.

She arrives on Tuesday night with her bag of magic. I'd never met her before, but she feels like an old friend. We open the front door wide and set up an altar filled with pictures of our saints and little symbols and treasures.

Then Jan, my best friend, Heidi, and I sit in the living room. We are a powerful triangle. We invoke the energies of the great beings in our midst, we pray that they be present and help this person to move on to the light of love. Then we sit in silent meditation for a good long while.

Jan invites the uninvited guest to speak if he needs to.

After a very long silence, he begins to speak through Jan. His speech is slow and purposeful, and I feel that everything he is saying is absolutely true.

He was lost. He died suddenly. He didn't want to die. He didn't know what was happening. He had never really thought about death. He misses having a human body. He was attracted to this house because of the love and light. He was not a good person in life. He did not use his life in a spiritual way. There are many others like him. He was angry. He was afraid to go to the light because he felt he did not deserve it. He had a daughter and he did not know how to love her. He has learned about love while being in this house. He is thankful to her (Jane) for this, as it has helped him to evolve. There are many others like him. He had started to learn how to become more powerful in the body he had. He had learned to start manipulating things. But he is sorry for the effect he has had on her (Jane). He was trying to be seen. He was afraid of what would happen if she left. He is ready to leave. There are others there with him. They will go too. He is grateful. He sends his blessings to her (Jane). He is ready.

A cleansing breeze moves past, and I feel him go.

Lovely Jan moves through my house, opening all of the windows, chanting mantras and burning sage. I follow her, holding a little shell we use for the ashes. We trace the same path through the house again, this time spraying rose oil. My house feels clear.

And I am more aware than ever of the impact of my state on others. The great sages say that by uplifting yourself, you in turn, uplift others. I am grateful to my ghost for giving me this experience. It will help me become even more mindful of choosing to stay in the state of Love.

I write this account to my beloved dance community because it was such a gift to hear that this poor man who I didn't even know was helped simply because I was doing my sadhana. I want to share this gift of awareness. The love that you emanate may be doing more good than you realize.

I love you all.

Jane D