​Hi.  My name is Jan Rhine. I was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa to missionary parents. I went off to boarding school when I was six years old; learning about community at an early age. It was a rich life, difficult on many levels, but rich nonetheless, and not very usual by American standards. We didn't have television so I grew up reading voraciously. In going back and forth from Africa to the United States, we'd travel through Europe.  Between European, African and American cultures, I got to experience how other people lived and came to appreciate cultural differences and values.

As an adult, I have traveled extensively in India, Mexico, Peru and Brazil, studying with different spiritual teachers and healers. Through inner and outer journeys, learning about indigenous cultures and their ways of healing and working with sacred plant medicines, I have gained a wealth of self knowledge and personal healing.  In my healing work, I have integrated these ancient healing modalities as well as "modern" quantum based techniques.

Healing sessions last about an hour and can take a variety of directions depending on your needs. After you read about Reiki, Angelic Healing Fire and Matrix Energetics, we can discuss how to tailor a session to best suit you.  I also do house clearings and blessings to infuse new energy into your home or workplace.

Sessions for communication with The Other Side vary in length, depending on how much is channeled, but they usually last about an hour and a half.

Sessions are available in person or by phone.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at WingsOfLight555@hotmail.com or (503) 341-8936.

Please visit my blog page at http://janrhine.wordpress.com.

Many blessings,
Jan Rhine, Reverend, MT(ASCP), Reiki II

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