The veil between the worlds is getting thinner as old paradigms fall and new ones emerge.  One of the most startling of these is our concept of "death".  That there really is the "Other Side" is becoming more and more apparent.  And that we can actually communicate with beings in that dimension stretches our concepts!  There are many people in grief and pain around an issue with a loved one who has crossed over and they long to be able to heal with them or simply find out if they are okay.  As a conscious medium, part of my work is being an open channel for communication with the Other Side. We are spiritual beings having a short physical experience here on Earth. Death is simply a rebirth – a transition from our physical body back into our Spirit body.  Beings who have passed over are happy and eager to come talk with their loved ones and to help in their healing process.  When we return to Spirit, we continue to evolve, so many times it is a healing for those on the Other Side just as much as for those still in the physical body. These beings communicate about their earthly connection with the client as well as share spiritual teachings and insights.  The clients I have worked with in this manner have had profound healings.  Sessions are available in person or by phone.
Communication with "The Other Side"