It is commonly accepted nowadays that our homes and work places carry psychic imprints. These imprints can be from former residents, from things we carry ourselves or from uninvited energies hanging around. We, ourselves, need clearing on a regular basis.  We are constantly being exposed to various types of energies. Even too much of a good thing can be out of balance so it's good to clear the slate... especially when moving into a new space.  

With intention, the smoke of sacred herbs and the assistance of my guides, my angels and the Guardian Spirits of your home and land, I clear you and your house of any old, stagnant, unwanted energy. You add your prayers and vision for your home or business. Often, the change is palpable! There's a lightness in the air. You can breathe easier. Business picks up. Energy that has been blocked begins flowing once again.  

What is cleared on a psychic level is felt on the physical; allowing you and your "new" home or business to start afresh.

House Clearings and Blessings