The angels have been my companions for many years. Sometimes, I feel a gentle nudge from them to pursue a particular healing modality. Sometimes their messages come as soft whispers in my consciousness, while at other times, their guidance is loud and strong. The more I tune into them and really listen, the more impactful they become in my life.  But all along, they have been beside me, leading me, guiding me, encouraging me, helping me, partnering with me. The main thing to understand about angels is that they cannot act in our lives unless we ask them to.  In other words, we have to give our permission for their help and intervention. As messengers of the Divine, they are held by the highest standard of honoring our free will. When we give permission, they delight in helping us. Using intuition with the help of oracle cards and my angels and guides, I tune into each client. Messages and guidance are received and given to you for your greater understanding – resulting in a new direction and a new outlook. Sessions are available in person or by phone.   
Angel Readings