​Hi.  My name is Rev. Jan Rhine. I was born and raised by pioneer missionary parents in Nigeria, West Africa. Due to my location, my early childhood gave me the unique opportunity to see different cultures, spiritual views, and states of consciousness by witnessing various African ceremonies.  I heard stories about healers ("witch doctors") and saw different African rituals so, from a young age, I knew there was another reality to healing; a reality greater than the western medicine my mom provided as a nurse in the African bush.

At the end of 2004, I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon for the first of three trips to drink ayahuasca with a Peruvian shaman for the purpose of doing some deep inner healing.  It was on that first trip that healing energy opened in my consciousness and in my hands.  As I traveled to Peru over the next two years, the intensity of the healing energy in my hands grew.  I began doing sessions on the people in my intentional community where I was living at the time.  I would do hand placements and movements that I was guided to do through my own intuition.  Their headaches would disappear and other conditions would ease.  These experiences were ​so powerful I decided to study deeper by using a book about Healing Touch.

In 2007, I discovered Angelic Healing Fire, a system ​of energy healing that comes from the Angelic realm.  I took Levels I, II and III in 2007 and 2008.  I began doing Angelic Healing Fire sessions using the techniques and symbols I was taught.  I channeled the name, "Wings of Light", a logo, and a little poem that would be my professional face.  I received my certification in Matrix Energetics, another energy healing modality, in 2008.  I became a non-denominational "reverend"/spiritual counselor in 2009.

Even ​​​​with my studies and certifications, after some time I felt I needed more "structure" to my healing work.  I had a lot of tools but something was missing.

When I found Reiki (or Reiki found me), it was the answer to my prayers.  Following the Western Tradition school and the branch of the Essential Reiki system, I received my Reiki Level I attunement from Angela Holmes in 2014.  I received my Reiki Level II attunement from Angel Holmes in 2017.  I received my Reiki Level III (mastership) from Angela Holmes-Abrams (same person, but a new married name) in 2021. 

Currently I am providing sessions and house clearings where I incorporate all the energy techniques I have gathered from the many traditions I have studied.  I have begun mentoring other students and am embarking on a collaborative Reiki teach​​ing adventure with Angela Holmes-Abrams to help initiate more Reiki healers in the world.  

Sessions are available in person or by phone.  If you have any questions, please contact me at WingsOfLight555@hotmail.com or (503) 341-8936.​​

Please visit my blog page at http://janrhine.wordpress.com.

Many blessings,
Jan Rhine, Reverend, Reiki Master & Teacher, B.S. Biology, MT(ASCP)
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