Matrix Energetics is a system of healing and transformation that takes place on the quantum level - in the Field Of All Possibilities or Zero Point Field. Quantum physics acknowledges that our physical reality is an illusion.  In actuality, we are bodies of light and information that manifest as either a particle or a wave. Through intention and a light touch, time and space collapse and a door is opened for instantaneous transformation.  Old energy patterns (particles) collapse into their waveform and new energy patterns emerge. “Miracles” become an everyday occurrence since a “miracle” is simply another possibility.  It shatters our concepts and paradigms and leaves us transformed and in a state of joy. Techniques such as Two Point, Archetypes, Time Travel, Parallel Dimensions and Universal Life Frequencies are used.  Shifts happen and clients experience profound change in their lives. In the words of Dr. Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics, “Expect Transformation!”  Sessions are available in person or by phone.
Matrix Energetics - Certified Practitioner